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Event description

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Please join us on [date] from 7pm to 10pm for a traveling road show of vegan food and bicycle inspiration. Joshua Ploeg will delight with a vegan and gluten free buffet dinner. Elly Blue and Joe Biel will co-present films, a talk, and slides about Groundswell movements, incidences where people demanded and implemented better neighborhood and bicycling conditions.

The event is followed with a book signing and time for questions, discussion of local issues, and perusing the traveling bookstore. [Admission cost: e.g., $20 at the door includes dinner.]

Tour poster

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Please feel free to use the following photos in print or online publications.


The crowd awaits the night to begin in High Point, NC in 2014


The crew: Elly, Joe, Aaron, and Joshua (L to R)


Elly kicks off the raffle in Dallas in 2015


The crowd browses our bookstore while they wait in line for dinner in Amarillo, TX in 2015.


The view from the back of the room in Amarillo, TX in 2015.