Kickstarting Dinner and Bikes

28 Oct

A tour schedule for Dinner and Bikes 2014 is just starting to shape up. Elly’s new book, Bikenomics, is just about to come out. And we’re running a Kickstarter in honor of both these events. The best news is that funds raised in this Kickstarter will help take the fundraising burdens off some of our organizers/event attendees. Plus you can get some sweet rewards, including the tools to create your own Bikenomics event if you can’t make it to one of ours.

There are just a few days left to make this work. Check out the video below and back the project now:

In other awesome news, Joshua has a new cookbook coming out, too. Things don’t get much more exciting than this brightly colored, punk rock ode to lighter-toasted vegan s’mores, cooking on your car radiator (maybe we’ll try this on tour), and much much more. Check it out, grab a book, and bring it along for him to scrawl in when we come through your town.

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