Gearing up for Dinner and Bikes 2012

30 Dec

Well, we’re doing it again. Last September, we brought our fancy food and bike talk and movies all around the western U.S. This April and May we’ll be driving a big loop around the South, serving scrumptious food, talking about big ideas in bicycling, and learning about food and bike culture everywhere along the way.

Right now our calendar is wide open still has some gaps! with mostly flexible dates, stops, and routes. Get in touch if you want to talk about putting on an event in your town.

You can read up on more details about the tour, and get a sense of what we do from the videos below the jump.

Here’s the video chronicle Joe made of the 2011 Dinner and Bikes tour:

DINNER + BIKES ‘011 from Cantankerous Titles on Vimeo.

Joe and Elly went on tour in 2010. Here’s the travelogue:

Bikestravaganza Tour Summary from Cantankerous Titles on Vimeo.

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