Dueling Brooklyn Events

20 May

Dinner and Bikes is coming up fast. We’re all in the midst of getting ready to head out from our respective cities, packing, partying, dealing with last minute logistics, and of course putting the finishing details on all our events. Here’s the full list of them.

One of the best things about this tour is the way each city and organizer makes Dinner and Bikes their own. Sure enough, events are all starting to develop their own personalities. Our kickoff event in Morristown, NJ on June 1st is less than two weeks away—it’s a classic one, held at a bike shop. In between we’ll be at churches, art galleries, and historic buildings, in a trolley museum, a real estate office, and a range of event spaces and community centers. We’ll close things out in Miami on July 3rd at a place called Gramps Bar. Good times will be had.

In Brooklyn alone, at the very beginning of the tour, we have two back to back events that are about as different as they can be.

On June 2nd, Dinner and Bikes is a formal affair at the Old Stone House. $50 tickets gain you entry to an outdoor gala event benefiting Recycle-a-Bicycle. You’ll be entered to win a raffle for a Van Moof or Brooklyn Bicycle Co. steed. You’ll enjoy family-style dining while you take in an inspiring and controversial talk by Elly and some short films by Joe.

Then on June 3rd, we’re at the 3B bed and breakfast. Tickets are $15 and include a yoga class if you’d like to come out early. Dinner will be served buffet style and you’ll enjoy a screening of Joe’s new documentary, Aftermass (and some of Joshua’s spicy popcorn if we’re lucky).

There’s something for everyone — or come to both.

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