We’ve figured out our 2015 dates and will begin adjusting to fit requests, so if you live on or near a stop and want to organize an event, get in touch!

October 29th, Portland, OR: Joe Biel & Elly Blue duet, 7-9 PM at the Clinton Street Theater (2522  SE Clinton St). Tickets are $7 (buy them in advance)

April 29, Lincoln, NE

April 30, Omaha, NE

May 1, Topeka, KS

May 2, Tulsa, OK

May 3, Stillwater, OK

May 4, Oklahoma City, OK

May 5, Norman, OK

May 6, Amarillo, TX

May 7, Lubbock, TX

May 8, Dallas, TX

May 9, Fort Worth, TX

May 10, Austin, TX

May 11, San Antonio, TX

May 12, Brownsville, TX

May 13, day off

May 14, Corpus Christi, TX

May 15, Houston, TX

May 16, Baton Rouge, LA

May 17, New Orleans, LA

May 18, Jackson, MS

May 19,  Little Rock, AR

May 20, Memphis, TN

May 21, Joplin, MO

May 22, Kansas City, MO

May 23, Des Moines, IA

May 24, Evansville, IN

May 25, Lafayette, IN

May 26, Indianapolis, IN

May 27, Muncie, IN

May 28, Peoria, IL

May 29, Chicago, IL