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Nearly halfway there

23 Apr

Just a quick update from a wifi oasis in New Orleans. Here’s the three of us a few days ago at the farmer’s market in Baton Rouge. The photo was taken by Mark Martin, our host and the founder of the spirited and effective local bike advocacy organization, BRASS.

For more in-depth tour updates, check out Elly’s coverage at Taking the Lane.

Tour has begun!

29 Mar

Dinner and Bikes tour 2012 launched last night with a sold-out event in Oakland, put on by the East Bay Bicycle Coalition. It was an absolute blast and a great way to kick off a month and a half of travel and events. Thanks, Bay Area!

We’ll be here for a few more days, scooting around on a borrowed Xtracycle, doing an event for teens in Mill Valley, meeting up with friends, and selling books to anarchists in Golden Gate Park. Then we hit the rails again. Joshua rejoins us next week in Kansas, where we will also be met by new, updated editions of two of his saucy and mind-boggling cookbooks. We’ll rent a car, pack it to the gills, and come visit the rest of you.

I’ll be taking photos and blogging the whole way at Taking the Lane — here’s the first post, about getting around the East Bay by cargo bike.

We’re mostly booked, but there are a few dates left to shore up! If you don’t see details after your city name on our route, get in touch and we’ll make something happen. If you live in one of the places we’re visiting and want to help spread the word, get in touch likewise! We’re excited to meet you!

Gearing up for Dinner and Bikes 2012

30 Dec

Well, we’re doing it again. Last September, we brought our fancy food and bike talk and movies all around the western U.S. This April and May we’ll be driving a big loop around the South, serving scrumptious food, talking about big ideas in bicycling, and learning about food and bike culture everywhere along the way.

Right now our calendar is wide open still has some gaps! with mostly flexible dates, stops, and routes. Get in touch if you want to talk about putting on an event in your town.

You can read up on more details about the tour, and get a sense of what we do from the videos below the jump. […]