Almost Bike Month, and we are headed out

22 Apr

The Dinner and Bikes tour of 2013 is coming up fast — this week has been a flurry of emails, and filling in details on our schedule. A bunch of the event have ticket sales info… and we are quickly adding facebook pages for each of them. If you live or know anyone in any of the towns on our route, please rsvp and spread the word.

We still have a few gaps! (Ahem, New York, Chicago…) Anyone want to leap in? Some of our best events have been put together on very short notice (24 hours was the shortest — in 2011 we packed the living room of a medium-sized San Francisco apartment. Two weeks was more than enough time for seriously stellar organizers to attract crowds of over a hundred in Santa Monica in 2011 and Jacksonville in 2012…).

Here are some assorted updates:

– Holland, Michigan has a mini-interview up with Elly.

– People often ask what our usual type of venue is, and we have no answer to this. Case in point: In Columbus, Ohio, our event will be at what the owner described to us as “the city’s only vegan dive bar, I think.” We believe it! Thanks, Hal and Al’s, for hosting us. If you stick around after our show, you can see a metal band perform.

– Meanwhile, our events in Syracuse and Schenectady are both hosted by the Unitarian Church. Lots of love.

– It’s probably unlucky to say things like this, but I (Elly) am going to go ahead and predict that our hugest events in terms of turnout will be… wait for it… Detroit… and… Iowa City. I’ve been wrong before plenty of times (Joshua is our resident savant at this guessing game, which is good because he does the grocery shopping), so other cities should feel empowered to go ahead and break my prediction.

– Columbus, Indiana (not to be confused with the other Columbus) designed a new poster (based on the redesigned one from Santa Monica, but with a more stern color scheme). Here’s a snapshot (meanwhile, to download one of our template posters, go here):


See you all very soon! We can’t wait for each and every one of these events.

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